missions and outreach

Missions and Outreach are the way in which we, as God's children, can help this broken world and all

the people that live in it.  Although we support Missionaries all over the globe, we also realize

it is important to reach out to those in our local communities to provide for them and show them

the HOPE that comes by knowing Jesus.

Each of us has a part to play, and can participate in one (or more) of the following ways:

  • Pray - for all of the Missionaries that our church supports and for the work that they are doing around the world.
  • Give - provide financial support so that our church can continue to support those missionaries, and participate in special giving opportunities.
  • Go - to go and provide physical and/or spiritual help to those that most need it - to people as close as our neighbors living next door or as far away as foreign countries.

Our Missions Committee helps to increase awareness of the work that our Missionaries do around the world, 

as well as organizing special giving opportunities for the church and trips

where we can all participate in the work of Missions.


God's idea for the local church is that of a community of people that support each other on this journey of life. By joining together as one body we can: 

  • Share in each others joys
  • Comfort each other in times of sorrow   
  • Encourage one another
  • Pray for one another
  • Provide a shoulder to cry on in tough times  

Each of our community groups provide opportunities for you to get more involved in the church community and to receive and provide the support that all of us need in our lives. 

women's ministry

To serve one another...

To build a community among the ladies at Living Hope...

To equip women to know God and glorify Him in our marriages, families,  

homes, church, community and the world. 

"Throughout scripture we see how God placed women together in relationships to encourage one another and find a place of retreat. Just as God sent Mary to Elizabeth and Ruth to Naomi, He continues to place women together for mutual support, accountability and friendship. That is why we need Women's Ministries in our churches today. Women are the very heartbeat of the home, community and church. We want to provide a safe place for women to meet new friends and develop a relationship with God. "  - Sharon Jaynes

We meet for bible study, fun outings, and district retreats. By spending time together, 

we can develop deep relationships so that we can support each other in times of need

and times of joy, and continually pray for each other.   

Men's ministry

Nothing compares to being around other men who share the same life and character goals and struggles

to seek God, work out our faith, be accountable and become the men God designed us to be. 

Although many men try to go through life as a "rock" or "lone ranger", the truth is that God

created us to have friendships with one another.

In our men's group, we meet to build friendships, study the Bible,

discuss important life issues and hold each other accountable for following Christ.

We also join together for projects, activities, conferences and breakfasts. 

We invite you to join us.

For more information, call Pastor Brian Donnachie @ 856.467.0141 or brian@livinghopeworshipcenter.org

Another way to stay connected, visit our NJ Men's Ministry Facebook page.


Although we are called to worship God with our entire lives, the use of music to worship God is an ancient tradition, 

dating back thousands of years. Though styles and instruments have changed since the Psalms were written,

the words we sing today have not.

Music touches deep into our hearts and minds. We love to worship God with music. 

It unites us, encourages us and prepares us for a deeper and better relationship with our Father in Heaven.

Our Worship Team uses today's popular contemporary worship songs as well as classic hymns of faith to lead the congregation in singing praises to God. Singing allows us to open our hearts to God and draws us closer to Him.